February 18, 2008

PEOPLES CHOICE feat. Lisa Brey - "Night" (1982)

Excellent sensual 2-Step Soul magic, taken from their rare 1982 LP "Still in love with you" released on TPC Records. It's worthy to note that this track was a big favorite of pioneering Soul D.J. Mr. Greg Edwards.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:46


Anonymous said...

Very SENSUAL groove indeed!!! Many thanks.

Soul Finesse said...

Hi there,

I just discovered your Blog. Excellent work. The track "Night" is truly a GEM!!!

Leroy said...

This is definitely the rarest track of the group. Many thanks for checkin' it out !


The best way to start this Blog!!!
A Mellow Soul gem with a Sensual Groove!!!
Definitely an extremely chic and deeply wise choice !!!
Today, it's November 28, 2010.
It means that your Blog is going strong for nearly 3 years...
Nicolas,I wish you to be here many more years, sharing these precious moments with us!!!
Is there anything better than this???