December 24, 2008

SHEILA & B. DEVOTION - "Your love is good" (1980)

Another great CHIC production performed by French singer Sheila (born as Annie Chancel). Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards provide once again a fool-proof Soul-Disco groove second-to-none. Listen carefully to Nile’s Jazzy solo guitar……..simply wonderful.

Taken from Sheila’s 1980 LP “King of the world” released on Carrere Records in France. Note that this album includes also the hit single “Spacer” selling 5 million copies worldwide. The sound of CHIC is one of the kind!

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:55        

December 20, 2008

BILL SUMMERS feat. Larry Batiste - "Old oak tree" (1982)

A wonderful ballad by Jazz musician Bill Summers collaborating with great singer Larry Batiste. Taken from Bill’s 1982 LP “Seventeen” released on MCA Records.

Download file below - Total time 3:33

December 15, 2008

MYSTIC MOODS - "The other side of midnight" (1975)

An exceptional Soul instrumental taken from the 1975 LP “Erogenous” released on Sound Bird Records. Magical mid-70s smooth arrangement bringing back the good old days.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 3:59

December 09, 2008

SHIRLEY BROWN - "Boyfriend" (1984)

Pure Modern Soul offering by Shirley Brown, one of the finest living Soul legends. Taken from her wonderful 1984 LP "Intimate storm" released on Sound Town Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:13

December 04, 2008

CURTIS MAYFIELD - "Tell me, tell me, how ya like to be loved" (1979)

Sizzling hot Philly-Disco gem showcasing Curtis’ unmistakable sexy sound. The track was written & produced by Norman Harris and Ron Tyson. Taken from his classic 1979 LP “Heartbeat” released on RSO Records.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 6:26

November 29, 2008

CHERYL LYNN - "Day after day" (1982)

This is “hands-down” the best composition ever written by Tawatha Agee. Cheryl’s soulful performance along with Luther Vandross’ awesome arrangement & production creates a magical collaboration made in heaven. Taken from her flawless 1982 LP “Instant love” released on Columbia Records.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:32

November 24, 2008

CUBA GOODING SR. - "Meant to be in love" (1993)

He is very well known as the lead singer of the legendary group THE MAIN INGREDIENT. I chose the title track of his 1993 solo CD album released on Triune Records. Wonderful stepper featuring Tawatha Agee and Vaneese Thomas on backing vocals.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 3:05

November 19, 2008

KELLEE PATTERSON - "Turn on the lights" (1977)

Celestial “sexy” arrangement that highlights Kellee’s sensual vocal delivery. One of the most amazing mid-70s mellow Disco grooves taken from her 1977 LP “Be happy” released on Shady Brook Records. Enjoy to the max!!!

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 7:49

November 14, 2008

R.J.'s LATEST ARRIVAL - "What becomes of a broken heart" (1988 - Sax mix / U.S. Promo version)

This is a “Promotional Only” Killer 80s Groove laced with a wonderful Sax solo. Note that the original version of this track can be found on their 1988 LP “Truly yours” released on Capitol Records.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:44

November 09, 2008

LIONEL RICHIE & DIANA ROSS - "Dreaming of you" (1981)

A totally overlooked gem by Lionel & Diana from 1981. This joyous soulful track appeared only on the 1981 film soundtrack "Endless love" released on Mercury Records.

Download file below (192 kbps) - Total time 4:30

November 05, 2008


At last it’s all Black! Don’t forget that every form of QUALITY art has been always Black……with few White exceptions which where also influenced by Black unique style.

It’s no wonder that Obama’s eloquent victory speech was held in Chicago – a city that starts with “Chic”.................LOL.

Barack Obama is a man of integrity and inspires hope not only in USA but all over the world. Let’s enjoy the ride.

November 04, 2008

KLEEER feat. Isabelle Coles - "Sippin' and kissin'" (1981)

Sippin’ some wine and kissin’ on you”……...unforgettable memories!!!! Sweet-voiced Isabelle Coles of the group Kleeer performs a “killer” sensual ballad second to none. Taken from their 1981 LP “License to dream” released on Atlantic Records.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:21

October 30, 2008

DIANA, MARVIN, SMOKEY & STEVIE - "Pops we love you" (1979)

A dreamy collaboration from Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson & Stevie Wonder singing a tribute song to Berry Gordy founder of MOTOWN Records who passed away in 1978 at 90 years old.

This fantastic groove was written and produced by Pam Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod and released as a 7” single on Motown Records in 1979.

Download file below (320 kbps) Total time 3:51

October 25, 2008

DIONNE WARWICK - "We never said goodbye" (1980)

By far the sweetest song ever written by the late Isaac Hayes. Dionne is in top form - as always – showcasing her remarkable vocal skills. Taken from her 1980 LP “No night so long” released on Arista Records.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 3:43

October 20, 2008

CHAD BORJA - "Kung ako lang sana" (2000)

…...and surprises keep coming. This time I provide you with an excellent Modern Soul upbeat track all the way from Philippines!!! Taken from his wonderful 2000 CD album “Show me the way” released on Warner Music and produced by famous Japanese musician Yutaka Yokokura.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:17

October 16, 2008

PEPI TSESMELI - "Flirt" (1998)

Everybody in this lifetime has some “Guilty Sins” in music. Well, this Greek rarity right here, goes beyond sin. It’s a wicked sleazy groove with a surprising Jazzy Soul feel. You don’t really need to know details about this sassy Greek vixen……trust me. Just lay back and enjoy the music.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 3:21

October 12, 2008


Keyboard player Samuel J. Johnson performs a magnificent mellow stepper taken from his only album entitled “My music” released on Columbia Records in 1978. Note that this rare album is scheduled to be released on CD for the first time sometime soon. Don’t miss it.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:00

October 08, 2008

EDEE - "Make it last" (1977)

Smooth Chicago "Steppin' style" at its best!!! One of the rarest Soul 7-inch singles by obscure artist EDEE. Released on ICA Records in 1977. Originally released locally in Chicago on Chi Heat Records the same year as EDEE LEATHERWOOD. I would really appreciate your comments on this one.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:28

September 29, 2008

CHIC - "Falling in love with you" (1977)

Chic-wise. The art of being elegant, sophisticated, classy, posh. The sound of CHIC that changed completely our perception about soulful music. One step beyond Philly Sound with tight compressed grooves combined with unique smoothness!!!

Listen carefully to this mellow ballad: Norma Jean Wright on lead and Luther Vandross on backing vocals under the guidance of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards create instant magic!!!!

Taken from their debut self-titled 1977 LP released on Atlantic Records. At that time I was only 12 years old and I had the feeling that music was made in heaven……..

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:28

September 23, 2008

PHYLLIS HYMAN - "You're the one" (1977 - Previously unreleased)

By far the most talented and one of the most beautiful female singers ever lived on this planet. Although she passed away in 1995 at the age of 46, her work is still considered as the epitome of Soul-Jazz elegance.

“You’re the one” is a previously unreleased gem written by John Davis and recorded in 1977. Note that this song was also recorded by Ray Simpson in 1978 and was included on his LP entitled “Tiger love” produced by Ashford & Simpson.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:22

September 19, 2008

THE WHISPERS - "Say yes" (1981)

The sound of The Whispers is beyond classic. "Say yes" is one of the finest moments of their magnificent work. Taken from their 1981 LP "Love is where you find it" released on Solar Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:08

September 12, 2008

JOELLE URSULL - "Ayin....non" (1990)

This is the first time I'm posting a cover record. Well, this particular version is a brilliant arrangement on SADE's "Nothing can come between us" performed in French by the lovely Joelle Ursull. Taken from her 1990 CD album "Black French" released on CBS Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:46

September 08, 2008

SOLOMON BURKE - "You and your baby blues" (1975)

One of the most sensuous mid-70s Soul grooves from legendary Solomon Burke. Taken from his 1975 LP "Music to make love by" released on Chess Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:47

August 30, 2008

MINNIE RIPERTON - "Here we go" (1980)

Minnie will always be remembered as one of the finest voices in Soul music. This superb Modern Soul track was released one year after her death and was co-written by her husband and great producer Richard Rudolph.

Check also the wonderful guest performance by Peabo Bryson. Taken from her posthumous 1980 LP “Love lives forever” released on Capitol Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:02

August 25, 2008

SPINNERS - "Toni my love" (1976)

A true MASTERPIECE from the legendary Detroit Spinners. Philippe Wynne is featured on lead vocals. Both production and songwriting by the great Thom Bell are absolutely flawless. Taken from their 1976 LP "Happiness is being with the Spinners" released on Atlantic Records.

Please note that Pervis Jackson, bass singer and an original member of the Spinners passed away at the age of 70, a week ago on Monday August 18th at Sinai-Grace hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:39

August 20, 2008

DEBBIE CAMERON & RICHARD BOONE - "Stop foolin' yourself" (1978)

There are no words to describe this delightful soulful gem. Taken from their 1978 rare LP "Brief encounter" released on Metronome Records. I look forward to your comments.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:09

New Blog online: For all Soul connoisseurs out there, there is an amazing new Blog at . Please visit often for rare Soul recordings that will blow your mind. Mark my words!!!

July 19, 2008

Time off for some holidays

As you know, summer in Greece means HOLIDAYS. So, I will be off for about 4 weeks and then I’ll get back for more “essensual” grooves for your listening pleasure so stay tuned !!!

While I’m away, I provide you here below a surprise download – one of my well-kept secrets (15 minutes long) – Jazzy, kinky, sleazy, downright sexy….

Whoever donates 5€ by PayPal, will be entitled to be informed about artist and title of this extremely rare track only by email.

July 14, 2008

CRAIG T. COOPER - "When you love somebody" (1996)

This is an imaginative Soul-Jazz groove which utilizes perfectly the combination of 2 classic Soul standards: Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual healing” and Teddy Pendergrass’ “When somebody loves you back”. It features Julie Delgado on female backing vocals.

Craig T. Cooper is a top-notch Jazz guitarist/producer/ songwriter having produced numerous quality soulful projects for many artists such as Krystol, Denise Stewart, Whispers and many others.

This great track is taken from his 1996 CD album “A romantic letter” released on Sin-Drome Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:06

July 08, 2008

EDITH LEFEL - "Mon ange" (2002)

One of the most elegant women ever lived. Although she passed away in 2003 at the age of 39, today she's still considered as the finest artist of "Zouk-Love" music derived from French Antilles.

Born in French Guyana, at 3 she moved to Martinique and at 14 she finally moved to Paris France. She recorded 5 wonderful studio albums and she collaborated with many other notable Caribbean artists such as Malavoi.

The track I've chosen, is taken from her last album entitled "Si seulement" recorded in 2002 and released on Creon Music. Soulful Caribbean finesse at its best.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:26

July 05, 2008

TEDDY PENDERGRASS - "You're my choice tonight" (1984)

Brilliant work from "Teddy Bear". Written, arranged and produced by Luther Vandross & Marcus Miller. This track was also the theme song for the 1984 movie "Choose me" starring Lesley Ann Warren with Keith Carradine. Taken from his lovely 1984 LP "Love language" released on Elektra Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:48

June 26, 2008

FREDDY COLE - "Secret world" (1983)

Warm & mellow Jazzy Soul from Nat King Cole’s brother Freddy. Although it was recorded for a small independent label, the overall sound is very professional. Taken from his rare 1983 LP “Like a quiet storm” released on Dinky Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:00

June 23, 2008

DONNA McGHEE - "Make it last forever" (1978)

Amazing slow-burning SEXY mid-tempo arranged by Patrick Adams. The strings arrangement sounds a lot like Barry White providing an engaging soulful setting for Donna’s sultry vocals. It’s the title track from her 1978 LP released on independent label Red Greg Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 8:20

June 18, 2008

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - "I love making love to you" (1976)

Believe it or not, this is a classy Soul stepper co-written and produced by Bobbi Eli (MFSB’s guitarist) !!!! Timeless melody with a Philly-Sound instrumentation taken from his 1976 LP “After the lovin'” released on Epic Records.

Many thanks to my friend/collector Souldennis for introducing this majestic track to me.

“Maxim” magazine has Humperdinck listed as being number 5 on its top ten "Living Sex Legends" list, as he is reputed to have slept with over 3000 women!!!!

The download is no longer available.

June 13, 2008

YOKO HATANAKA - "More sexy" (Moa sekushi) - 1981

The “Mystery track” is finally here. One of the sexiest Rare Grooves ever recorded in Japan!!! Taken from her ultra-rare 1981 LP “Hakujitsumu” released on Victor Records only in Japan.

Note that this porn-orientated mellow groove was heard for the first time in the 1980 rare Japanese movie “Ai no hakujitsumu” (Love daydream) directed by Koyu Ohara. It’s worthy to note that Yoko Hatanaka was also the leading actress in this film!!!

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:27

June 08, 2008

CLIFF DAWSON - "Don't hide away from love" (1982)

Brilliant 2-Step Soul magic in a style that sounds like Whispers at their best!!! Especially the last minute of the track becomes very erotic thanks to a great vocal interplay between Cliff and Ullanda McCullough. Taken from his only 1982 self-titled LP produced by Lionel Job and released on Boardwalk Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:56

June 04, 2008

KAREN CARPENTER - "My body keeps changing my mind" (1979)

Magical Blue-eyed Soul-Boogie from the late Karen Carpenter. This track is a part of her only solo self-titled album she recorded in 1979 but remained unreleased until 1996. Buy this CD album while you can - it also includes 2 Fantastic original gems written by the great Rod Temperton!!!

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:41

May 26, 2008

CRYSTAL WINDS - "Love ain't easy" (1982)

This is what RARE GROOVE is all about. Amazing door bell intro, inspired mellow changes, snappy rhythm, soulful vocals, funky instrumentation, you name it - simply awesome!!! CRYSTAL WINDS are Paul Coleman and Cortez Brown from Chicago. The track is taken from their only 1982 LP "First flight" released on Cash Ear Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:00

May 21, 2008

HIROSHI SATOH feat. Lynn Davis - "Lady of the Nile" (1987)

Japanese musician Hiroshi Satoh teams up with US session songstress Lynn Davis for this irresistible stepper written by Maxi Anderson!!! Taken from his rare 1987 LP "Future file" released on Alfa Records only in Japan.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:57

May 16, 2008

NANCY WILSON - "I loved you all the time" (1980)

Here's another great composition from Leon Ware performed by one of the finest Soul-Jazz female singers of all time - Miss Nancy Wilson. Taken from her 1980 LP "Take my love" released on Capitol Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:48

May 10, 2008

LES McCANN - "If there's anything better than love" (1979)

Pure class!!! An overlooked stepper by Jazz pianist Les McCann. Co-written by Leon Ware and Les himself. The arrangement is made by the legendary Bobby Martin. Taken from his 1979 LP "Tall, dark & handsome" released on A&M Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:26

May 04, 2008

KIMIKO KASAI - "Whisper love" (1984)

Ethereal Modern Soul gem! Very erotic performance by Japanese singer Kimiko Kasai. The track is co-written by keyboardist Randy Waldman and produced by Richard Rudolph. Check also the wonderful sax playing by Larry Williams. Taken from her 1984 LP "Love talk" released on CBS/Sony Records only in Japan. The album features a first-rate lineup of session musicians like Nathan East, John Robinson, Lee Ritenour, Paul Jackson Jr. and Paulinho Da Costa.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:15

April 29, 2008

BARRY WHITE - "You're the one I need" (1979)

This artist needs no introduction. This track in particular is truly magnificent. It's taken from his overlooked 1979 LP "The message is love" released on Unlimited Gold Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:20

April 24, 2008

PAULETTE McWILLIAMS - "Main squeeze" (1977)

One of my favorite session Soul singers of all time! This exquisite track is taken from her 1977 debut LP "Never been here before" released on Fantasy Records. Please note that in 2007 she released her 2nd solo album entitled "Flow" only in Japan.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:27

April 20, 2008

TATSURO YAMASHITA - "Amaku kiken na kaori" (1982)

Excellent stepper from Japanese musician/songwriter/singer Tatsuro Yamashita. This song can be found only as a bonus track on the CD album "For you" released on BMG Records in Japan.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:17

April 16, 2008

MARGIE JOSEPH - "Come and make love with me" (1983)

Quite simply a wonderful song with a very catchy chorus. Taken from her 1983 LP "Knockout" released on HCRC Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:13

April 13, 2008

THE TRAMMPS - "Tom's song" (1975)

A classy instrumental gem which appeared only as a flip side on the 7" single "Hold back the night" on Buddah Records in 1975. The whole style sounds like MFSB at its best!!!!!

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:14

April 09, 2008

VISIONS - "Perfect love affair" (1988)

Absolutely gorgeous late-night stepping. The track starts with a dreamy spoken intro and grows into a wonderful melody laced with great sax playing. Taken from their 1988 self-titled LP released on Polydor Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 6:56

April 05, 2008

DAVID KOVEN - "Samba Maria" (1983)

Stylish soulful Bossa Nova from premier French singer and composer David Koven. It's the title track from his 1983 LP released on CBS Records. Sublime smooth groove that sounds like a cross between Al Jarreau and Marcos Valle.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:23

April 02, 2008

SADAO WATANABE feat. Vaneese Thomas - "One night in a dream" (1993)

An elegant Jazzy Soul offering. Japanese veteran sax player Sadao Watanabe teams up with one of the most gifted U.S. female session singers named Vaneese Thomas. Taken from his 1993 CD album "Earth step" released on Verve Forecast Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 5:02