June 18, 2008

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - "I love making love to you" (1976)

Believe it or not, this is a classy Soul stepper co-written and produced by Bobbi Eli (MFSB’s guitarist) !!!! Timeless melody with a Philly-Sound instrumentation taken from his 1976 LP “After the lovin'” released on Epic Records.

Many thanks to my friend/collector Souldennis for introducing this majestic track to me.

“Maxim” magazine has Humperdinck listed as being number 5 on its top ten "Living Sex Legends" list, as he is reputed to have slept with over 3000 women!!!!

The download is no longer available.


Soul Finesse said...

Great song indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Englebert