October 30, 2008

DIANA, MARVIN, SMOKEY & STEVIE - "Pops we love you" (1979)

A dreamy collaboration from Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson & Stevie Wonder singing a tribute song to Berry Gordy founder of MOTOWN Records who passed away in 1978 at 90 years old.

This fantastic groove was written and produced by Pam Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod and released as a 7” single on Motown Records in 1979.

Download file below (320 kbps) Total time 3:51


BeeBee said...

Sorry, Nicolas, your information is incorrect. This song by 4 Motown superstars was written and recorded for Berry "POPS" Gordy, SR., Berry Gordy's father, who passed away in 1978 at 90 years old. The CD noted, "The Music, the Magic..." was a collection of Berry Gordy's song sung in tribute by other artists and was released in conjunction with his autobiography. A former Motowner. It's very easy to check these facts, if in doubt. BeeBee

Nicolas Drosos said...

BeeBee, many thanks for correcting me. We always learn for each other.

Soul Finesse said...

Superb collaboration on a very groovy tune. Motown music is always in our hearts.