November 09, 2008

LIONEL RICHIE & DIANA ROSS - "Dreaming of you" (1981)

A totally overlooked gem by Lionel & Diana from 1981. This joyous soulful track appeared only on the 1981 film soundtrack "Endless love" released on Mercury Records.

Download file below (192 kbps) - Total time 4:30


Brycie said...

thank you for sharing soem wonderful music through this blog. Don't remeber this but it sure sounds good

Nicolas Drosos said...

Dear Brycie,

Thanks for your comment. In fact, this track is not well-known even in the community of Serious Soul Collectors. Every song I'm posting is meticulously chosen. Keep visiting for more gems to come.

Soul Finesse said...

One of the best compositions ever written by Lionel. Thanks again for sharing such wonderful grooves.

luke BAKING barker said...

hi did you see jazz FM in London played a track from the johnny mathis Chic album!!! check chictribute dot com forum for details...several tracks to be on new Chic boxset

Nicolas Drosos said...

Hi Luke,
Did you find a specific link for new Chic Boxset? Please email me.