August 25, 2008

SPINNERS - "Toni my love" (1976)

A true MASTERPIECE from the legendary Detroit Spinners. Philippe Wynne is featured on lead vocals. Both production and songwriting by the great Thom Bell are absolutely flawless. Taken from their 1976 LP "Happiness is being with the Spinners" released on Atlantic Records.

Please note that Pervis Jackson, bass singer and an original member of the Spinners passed away at the age of 70, a week ago on Monday August 18th at Sinai-Grace hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:39


Jur said...

Indeed, a hell of a song.

Thanks for sharing!

raggedy said...

Thanks for sharing! I love this song.

Soul Finesse said...


Andrew said...

Delicious, another top draw track which has really made me think again about the Spinners. Nicolas this is in my top 10 tunes of the week and can never see me getting bored of this one ... thank you.

The tenor lead and stunning bass in the second verse are just impecable. If you know of any others even remotely like this please advise as soon as you can :)