March 20, 2008

MARLENE with SEAWIND - "Let yourself go" (1982)

Amazing soulful collaboration between Filipina singer MARLENE de la PENA and U.S. band SEAWIND. The posted track is an exquisite groove co-written by Leon Ware and Richard Rudolph. Taken from her rare 1982 LP "Summer nights" released on CBS/Sony Records only in Japan. This rare record was recorded in California U.S.A. and then mixed in Tokyo Japan.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:42


Anonymous said...

thanks i love Seawind.have you heard 'brazasia' by Yutaka?it features Pauline Wilson from Seawind and is wonderful.all the best

Nicolas Drosos said...

Yes, I know this album by Yutaka. In fact, I bought it the moment it came out back in 1990. Pauline Wilson is a really gifted singer.

Simon666 said...

Hi Nicolas!
Just found your fine blog :)
I did a post of Leon Ware's "Rockin' You Eternally" a few weeks ago, in which I did a history with lots of links to his albums and tracks he'd produced. I've now added a link that will take people to your posts of the Nancy Wilson, Les McCann and Marlene/Seawind tracks, come have a look.
All the best,
Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

Soul Finesse said...

As far as I know, this is a hard-to-find LP. Your selection is GREAT as always!

Anonymous said...

I Like Marlene.
She is not Japanese.
She is Pilipina.

Nicolas Drosos said...

Thanks for your correction. I have already updated my post.