August 11, 2009

CELIA DELVER - "Tu es libre" (1995)

Summertime…..and Caribbean Zouk music is the perfect choice for this time of the year. Mellow, exotic, stylish: blending European & American sounds into something beyond magic!!! Here’s an “essensual” example by Celia Delver released in 1995. Enjoy.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:30


Groovy Emmanuel said...

Starts like late 50's - early 60's never gone... Almost saw Ian Fleming sharing a drink with Dr.No while exotic female dancers were filling the scenery perfectly. Suddenly James jumped in, it was mid 90's now, beautiful Celia and French West Indies... Then I woke up... concrete jungle around.

Soul Finesse said...

Very unique and exotic!!!