February 18, 2010


Barry White holds an unbreakable record. In only one year (1974), he produced 10 amazing Soul albums as follows:

· “Can’t get enough” – BARRY WHITE
· “Rhapsody in White” - LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA
· “In heat” – LOVE UNLIMITED
· “Together brothers” – ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
· “No limit on love” - BARRY WHITE
· “Hot city” – GENE PAGE
· “Come on in love” – JAY DEE
· “What am I gonna do” – GLORIA SCOTT
· “I love you more & more” – TOM BROCK

I decided to celebrate my Blog’s second anniversary by showcasing this remarkable achievement. Therefore I offer you here below 2 outstanding tracks from this unforgettable year.

BARRY WHITE - I can’t believe you love me
GENE PAGE - She’s my main squeeze


jzj said...

Another solid post, especially the Gene Page track. Thanks.

Soul Finesse said...

Nicolas, happy 2nd anniversary! Excellent post once again focusing on one of the most prolific artists of all time.

Interesting food for thought considering that nowadays new artists produce only one album every 2 to 4 years and the outcome is still below average....

Tootie H said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Nicolas. What can I say about Barry White, one of my favorite male artists. Soulful down to the bone. Incredible voice and my Barry White collection is growing ever larger and his music just sounds better and better each time I listen to him. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Yao said...

thank you, Nicolas for posting so many delicious tracks. let us know more good music, thank you for sharing and thank you for everything.

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