February 08, 2010

THE JONES GIRLS – “Ah, ah, ah, ah” (1984)

Here’s one of the best compositions ever written by Keni Burke. High-caliber Soul entertainment by the legendary Jones Girls – Philly’s finest vocal groups. Taken from their classic LP “Keep it coming” released on Philadelphia Intl. Records in 1984.

Download file below (320 kbps) Total time 4:35


professor Eddy said...

I play a lot of Philly lately and the Jones Girls are one of my favourites. Their harmonies are incredibly good! They made a record for an independent soul label in the early '90s which is also very nice.

jzj said...

Wonderful!! The Jones Girls are awesome.... Thanks for sharing.

e-keane said...

Thanks, Nicolas, for sharing this. The Jones Girls have always been one of my favourite groups. I actually got to see them play live in London, many, many moons ago...at the Dominion Theatre, if I remember correctly. Must have been early 90's.
There is a CD of unreleased tracks issued some time ago, with a track called, "Waiting For The Last Goodbye"..A real gem, check it out, if you can.

Resgards & respect,