April 12, 2011

JESSE BELVIN – “Angel eyes” (1959)

One of my all-time favorite soulful “easy listening” melodies performed with sheer finesse by the late Jesse Belvin. His success was sadly cut short by his death in a car crash aged 27. This classic track is taken from his LP “Mr. easy” recorded on RCA Records in 1959. Arranged & conducted by Marty Paich and his orchestra.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 3:12


LjP said...

Oh good it's Swwwweeeeeet
Many Thanks for sharing your passion.
I visiting your blog ofen & love your selections
Very Romantic!


Well, I've been thinkin' for months that 50's should be represented on your Blog ...
This is a sweet tune, which I file not that far from Mancini's lush and dreamy orchestrated masterpieces, more blues tinged though.
A LOW bow to you, Mr. Nicolas !!!