June 16, 2011

BODY – “Possession” (1987)

Here’s a wonderful sexy stepper co-produced by Michael J. Powell and Sir Gant. Taken from their debut self-titled album released on MCA Records in 1987.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 4:52



Have to be honest and say I've never heard this before, but what a sexcellent(LOL)..., smooth and classy tune !!!
A wonderful and hypnotic blissed out melody, going to be BIG for me - and a lot of other people I'm sure...

Body fanatic 1987 said...

I've been searching for this album for years, had it on vinyl back then and it's a really great set of songs.

I know I'm so so late but is there any chance at all of a re-upload please?