August 23, 2011


Nickolas Ashford, one half of the legendary Motown songwriting team Ashford & Simpson, died of throat cancer at a New York hospital yesterday on August 22nd. He was only 69. Their contribution to mellow music is beyond compare! As a tribute to their legacy, I present 2 great tracks: The masterpiece instrumental “Bourgie bourgie” from 1977 and the gorgeous ballad “Crazy” from 1979. Enjoy!

Download both files below (320 kbps)
Bourgie bourgie (1977) – Total time 6:07
The download is no longer available.
Crazy (1979) – Total time 3:38
The download is no longer available.


Tootie H said...

What a loss. Nick Ashford will be missed dearly by many. Some of my favorite songs: Let Love Use Me, Found A Cure, Tonight We Escape, So So Satisfied just to name a few. I saw them here in Maryland about 2 years ago and they looked and sounded phenomenal. Nick and Valerie possessed something very very special together and did indeed find a cure for loneliness and heartache.....beautiful music.

g_fos said...

nicola, love your blog ...jus added it to my favorites.glad to see that greeks have some black soul left :).Came here lookin for a song from the movie "the fish that saved pittsburgh".george from athens cheers. Iwould be happy if you had a gig or a radio show on just keep us informed.
As for Ashford great voice(solid as a rock)

jzj said...

Thanks for the post and for sharing two awesome tunes from the legendary couple. The album 'Songbook' celebrates their magnificent production credentials and is one that's definitely worth checking out. RIP Nick Ashford.