April 18, 2012

GENE PAGE feat. Merry Clayton – “With you in the night” (1980)

Magical collaboration between two of the most prolific artists in the Soul scene. The producer/arranger Gene Page and session singer Merry Clayton. This great composition was co-written by Leon Ware and Herb Alpert. Taken from Gene’s LP “Love starts after dark” released on Arista Records in 1980.

Download file below (320 kbps)Total time 3:52


DannyP said...

Love this, thanks!

I notice this song has the same melody as "Behind The Rain" by Herb Alpert from the Rise album.

Do you know the story behind this?

Nicolas Drosos said...

Danny, you're absolutely right. I hadn't noticed this detail before although "Behind the rain" released in 1979! Thanks for your comment.


"Behind The Rain" instrumental was written by Herb Alpert and first appeared in Gato Barbieri's "Caliente!" 1976 album, produced by Herb Alpert.
Leon Ware wrote the lyrics, the title changed according to them and under the Gene & Billy Page production, the result was THIS GEM!!!

DannyP said...

Great thanks for the info Soullakis, really interesting stuff! You're right it's a gem, love it

Tootie H said...

This one is special. Really enjoyed listening to it. I will have to agree with the other comments. This is a true gem. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

the principal director/arranger of the Love Unlimited Orchestra by Barry White.