June 10, 2012


I’m sick and tired of hearing about the current financial crisis destroying the world. Unemployment is rising just because more and more people are making money instead of earning money.

For the past 2 years speculators attacking Greece predict that by leaving the Euro zone, it will suffer an irreparable damage. Well, this is a huge lie.

First of all Greece has been always the most significant civilization from day one! From the beginning of modern culture to date, Greece has had a major impact in everyone’s life.

No wonder, that worldwide news are dealing with Greek headlines just because the rest of the world cannot generate anything meaningful and worth of attention……LOL.

When you’re talking about language, science, democracy, philosophy, literature, art, religion, you know very well that EVERYTHING has its origin in Greece.

Nowadays, Banks, Politicians and Media are trying to distract everybody’s attention by offering fear, uncertainty and desperation. Well, I got news for you people! Banks, Politicians and Media are ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They never promoted anything substantial to world’s history.

These coming elections in Greece on June 17th, will change the world’s history to the better. Only Greece has the power to shake things up simply because it reflects always the true LIGHT whereas the rest of the world is still talking about insipid money.

It’s really pathetic when the so-called authorities around the world are trying to persuade today’s young people that money is the only solution to their problems. Money ain’t nothing but plain paper.

Instead of issuing more money to cover people’s needs, rich guys have invented tax evasion so the rest of the world gets poorer and poorer.

At the end of the day, it’s not what you earn, it’s what you LEARN.


Anonymous said...

pesta re leventh mou! pesta!


Nicolas.....I can't agree with you more, brother !
All of these perfectly stated are simple truths, the epitome of what Greece taught the rest of the world throughout the centuries and yes, Greece will definitely give the answer and the solution once again...

Tootie H said...

I appreciate the fact that you are keeping it real and expressing what is really going on. We cannot serve God and money at the same time. We must choose. I do hope that brighter days are coming in Greece and around the world.

Μηνάς said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful as you say but the real truth will be difficult to change. We employed and unemployed people from the normal class and keep the economy on arrow but if there is less money to spend is only bothered by the increase is not surprising that there is less to spend. This crisis is good for the rich in the world as they have no load increase as wages stay the same level. Even though they have less income they still have more than we have. Rich get richer and poor got poorer. You can fight all you want but you do not win. A year from now the crisis is over and we will slowly crawl up again. One Europe, many countries no solution. Each country must take care of business. Failing that they will have bad luck.


You're ubsolutely right my friend Nikos!

Anonymous said...

Music is the food of love
William Shakespear!!