June 18, 2014

World Cup in Brasil

Update on July 14: After watching all 64 games, my personal conclusion is as follows:

Regardless of game results, the only teams that played all their games with passion and sportsmanship were MEXICO, GHANA, ALGERIA, CHILE and EQUADOR. All the others played at least one game with opportunism (just to get the result).

Although I'm a big fan of BRASIL, the team was totally inadequate to utilize this special opportunity and win the Cup for the 6th time.

As for Germans, they should have been beaten by Ghana or disqualified by Algeria. I'm not saying that they were lucky but at least they showed the proper persistence just to get advanced without playing great football.

As for Argentinians, apart for having the best defense, they didn't have this special quality to win the Final.

Overall, we all enjoyed one of the best World Cups since 1982. In my humble opinion, the best game was ALGERIA vs. KOREA REPUBLIC 4-2.

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