June 26, 2008

FREDDY COLE - "Secret world" (1983)

Warm & mellow Jazzy Soul from Nat King Cole’s brother Freddy. Although it was recorded for a small independent label, the overall sound is very professional. Taken from his rare 1983 LP “Like a quiet storm” released on Dinky Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:00

June 23, 2008

DONNA McGHEE - "Make it last forever" (1978)

Amazing slow-burning SEXY mid-tempo arranged by Patrick Adams. The strings arrangement sounds a lot like Barry White providing an engaging soulful setting for Donna’s sultry vocals. It’s the title track from her 1978 LP released on independent label Red Greg Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 8:20

June 18, 2008

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - "I love making love to you" (1976)

Believe it or not, this is a classy Soul stepper co-written and produced by Bobbi Eli (MFSB’s guitarist) !!!! Timeless melody with a Philly-Sound instrumentation taken from his 1976 LP “After the lovin'” released on Epic Records.

Many thanks to my friend/collector Souldennis for introducing this majestic track to me.

“Maxim” magazine has Humperdinck listed as being number 5 on its top ten "Living Sex Legends" list, as he is reputed to have slept with over 3000 women!!!!

The download is no longer available.

June 13, 2008

YOKO HATANAKA - "More sexy" (Moa sekushi) - 1981

The “Mystery track” is finally here. One of the sexiest Rare Grooves ever recorded in Japan!!! Taken from her ultra-rare 1981 LP “Hakujitsumu” released on Victor Records only in Japan.

Note that this porn-orientated mellow groove was heard for the first time in the 1980 rare Japanese movie “Ai no hakujitsumu” (Love daydream) directed by Koyu Ohara. It’s worthy to note that Yoko Hatanaka was also the leading actress in this film!!!

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:27

June 08, 2008

CLIFF DAWSON - "Don't hide away from love" (1982)

Brilliant 2-Step Soul magic in a style that sounds like Whispers at their best!!! Especially the last minute of the track becomes very erotic thanks to a great vocal interplay between Cliff and Ullanda McCullough. Taken from his only 1982 self-titled LP produced by Lionel Job and released on Boardwalk Records.

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 4:56

June 04, 2008

KAREN CARPENTER - "My body keeps changing my mind" (1979)

Magical Blue-eyed Soul-Boogie from the late Karen Carpenter. This track is a part of her only solo self-titled album she recorded in 1979 but remained unreleased until 1996. Buy this CD album while you can - it also includes 2 Fantastic original gems written by the great Rod Temperton!!!

Download file below (320 kbps) - Total time 3:41